St. John – A Caribbean Birthday Holiday

Destination – St. John

I finally got around to framing my Christian Wheatley print that I purchased on a trip to the Caribbean a few years ago.

My friend Diane was celebrating a milestone birthday and planned an fun trip to St. John with some of her friends. As I mentioned in my post on Bali, she has a true gift for planning holidays. She took care of every detail for the trip, we just had to get our plane tickets.

The U.S. and British Virgin Islands make up over 60 islands and cays (pronounced keys) in the Carribean. If you are planning to visit any of the British islands be sure to bring your passport.

St John 2011-010
The birthday girl and view from the house we stayed in 🙂

The house Di rented was perfect, with breathtaking views, a pool, and plenty of room for us, it was the perfect place to stay for her big week.

Cinnamon Bay
Cinnamon Bay

We really didn’t do too much there except relax and enjoy the gorgeous beaches the island is known for. We checked out Cinnamon Bay when we got there and pretty much spent all out time there. There was literally no one except us to the entire beach. We boogie boarded, snorkeled, and just relaxed on the beach and listened to the tranquil sound of the ocean.


We took a charter boat with Captain Richard Vernon for a day trip to see some other islands. There were five of us and another four people not he boat for the day. We first set out the see The Baths in Virgin Gorda. The Baths are considered a geological wonder of large granite boulders that sit at the beach edge. You can climb in and around them, people tour them day long. They are actually pretty neat to see if you are in the islands.

Happy Birthday Diane
Happy Birthday Diane

From here we set out to my favorite place of all, Cooper Island. We visited Cooper to have lunch and a little b-day celebration for Di. While we only visited Cooper for lunch, it left a huge impression on me and I most definitely plan to return to the Cooper Island Beach Club. To my knowledge, there is only a restaurant and hotel on the island, making it the perfect retreat for a unplugged holiday.

Our final stop on the excursion was a visit to Jost Van Dyke to enjoy a”Painkiller” at the Soggy Dollar Bar. The attraction here in the unique experience to enjoy a cocktail at a world-famous bar. There isno dock so everyone has to swim ashore from their boat to get to the bar. When we visited there were about a dozen boats moored off shore and lots of people hanging out enjoying their day. This place has a good vibe, and the drinks were quite a treat!

On our last day in St. John we visited the Westin to relax and enjoy the day at the beach. Actually, Di had originally wanted to go here to parasail but the attraction was closed due to high winds, so we stayed to enjoy the pool and good food. 🙂

I can’t thank Di enough for this trip, it was PERFECT in so many ways. Fun times with friends, great weather, relaxing with a little bit of adventure. St. John is definitely a place to go to relax and unwind in the Caribbean!

I have always wanted to return here but I didn’t have a reason until my SUP yoga friend Julie Roach planned a paddle retreat here in Jan 2016. The dates coincided with the Pain Killer Cup, a 14 mile open-water stand up paddle race that you complete with a team. This sounded like so much fun, but I didn’t know of anyone who shared the same sense of SUP adventure that I do.

The requirements to race were: 1) you need a team of three people, and 2) you need a boat – neither of which I had. I reached out to the race director and he suggested I post on their Facebook page to see if anyone else was looking for a team. To my surprise I was contacted by Nick, and then subsequently, Becky joined us and we became a team! Neither of us have ever done anything like this, but we all have the adventure bug, so we decided to commit to it – and we formed Team Semper Tri – “Always Three.”

Follow us in January 2016 as we race from Tortola to Jost Van Dyke in the Pain Killer Cup.

Friendly comments welcome :)

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